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Dasher Cars (ODY-2111 & ODY-2112)
Dasher Cars Dual Pack (ODY-6493D)

Dasher CarThe Dasher offers kids of all ages a fresh Remote Control Car. This car is a regular road runner, reaching top speed rather quickly, with the ability to do spins, turns and flips while at maximum capacity. The lights complement the speed well, as each maneuver is highlighted by the streak of lights and the whizzing of the engine. Comes in two colors, with different frequncies for hours of shared fun!

  • Wireless remote control
  • Speed? No problem, the Dasher car can perform turns, stops and spins at lightning speed.
  • This car can perform flipped over onto its upper wheel as well!
  • Doing jumps is easy too, as it always lands upright through its design.
  • Easy-to-maneuver wireless remote controls.
  • Comes in Blue and Red with 2 different frequencies so you can purchase both cars.
  • Lights in the wheels and inside the car are lit up as soon as you turn it on.
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Made in China
  • Requires 4AA batteries (not included). We recommend alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries.

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Elite Twister Car (ODY3596)

Twister Stunt Remote Control CarsPut the pedal to the metal with the fast and furious  Elite Twister Car. Complete with an electrifying array of multicolored flashing lights and 360-degree rotating front wheels, this daring and dynamic vehicle performs multiple flipping stunts with blazing speed.  The car comes in red or blue (sold separately) with different remote control frequencies, which allows your child to challenge their friends and family to some fast-action fun! 

 Twister Stunt Remote Control Cars (sold separately) include:

  • Red car - measures approx. 7-1/4"L x 6"W x 6-1/2"H
  • Blue car - measures approx. 7-1/4"L x 6"W x 6-1/2"H
  • Wireless remote control

Product Features:

  • Turbo 360-degree front axle spins and super wheelies - move forward, reverse, flip right or left
  • Radio-controlled somersault car series
  • 360-degree circles, fun twists, awesome flips and amazing vertical steps
  • Variety of stunts - keep your children having fun for hours
  • Easy-to-maneuver wireless remote controls - 2 different frequencies so if you purchase both cars, two kids can play with the cars at the same time.
  • Move forward, reverse or flip right or left
  • Lights in the wheels are turned on when the wheels move
  • Great for parties or sleepovers
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Made in China
  • Requires 4AA batteries (not included). We recommend alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries.

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Remote Controlled Crash Car (ODY68035)
Remote Controlled Crash Car (ODY68035)The crazy crashing action of this Remote Controlled Crash Car from Odyssey double the fast-paced delight of this cool rally-inspired race car. Your car races toward victory until it hits a hard surface. Then it crumples and emits flashing lights and crashing sounds for a little dose of safe, fun and dynamic destruction. Then, just stretch the car back to form and get back in the race.

Remote Control Crash Car by Odyssey Includes:

  • Rally style remote control race car
  • Full-range controller
  • Manual

Product Features:

  • Car crumples and emits flashing lights and crashing sounds when it runs headlong into a solid surface
  • Remote re-build uncrumples your crashed car with the push of a button
  • Operates at 27MHz
  • 4 AA and 1 9V battery included
  • For ages 10 and up

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Sneaker Car 2-Pack (ODY380315)
Shoe-Shaped Radio Controlled Car 2-Pack (ODY380315)Your little racers will get big kicks out of this Shoe-Shaped Radio Controlled Car 2-pack from Odyssey. The silly shapes and flashing lights of this RC twosome ensures hours of fun for the young and young-at-heart alike.

Lighted Sneaker RC Car 2-pack by Odyssey Includes:

  • 2 light-up radio controlled cars in the shape of sneakers
  • 2 rechargeable battery packs
  • 2 AC adapters
  • 2 controllers with 9V batteries
  • 2 user manuals

For ages 3 and up

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RC Bubble Car (ODY2851)
RC Bubble Car (ODY2851)This is not just an ordinary remote control car. Odyssey puts its own spin on that fun toy with this Remote Control Car with Bubble Maker. Instead of kicking up dust, it shoots out bubbles in its path. Fun for children and adults alike!

Odyssey Remote Control Car with Bubble Maker Features:

  • Car measures approx. 14"L x 8-1/2"W
  • Blue and black remote control
  • Button for constant bubbles on remote control
  • 2 bottles of bubble liquid
  • Full function remote control: stop, turn, forward and backward
  • Flashing lights
  • Batteries included
  • Antenna
  • Users manual
  • 110V adaptor
  • For children 3 and up

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RC 10-Wheel Car (ODY2831)
RC 10-Wheel Car (ODY2831)Lights, power, action! This unique Remote Control 10-Wheel Car lights up, spins out, rolls, tumbles and speeds along for loads of fast-lane fun. It's a whole different way to meet the need for speed and fast, funky driving that every RC enthusiast will love.

10-Wheel Remote Control Car by Odyssey Includes:

  • 10-wheeled remote control vehicle with removable rechargeable battery pack
  • AC recharger adapter
  • Remote control with 9V battery

Product Features:

  • Hexagonal vehicle looks like 5 cars attached at the axles
  • Protruding side prevents tipping and offers awesome side-spin action
  • Transparent body shows spinning gear assemblies inside
  • Transparent, color light-up wheels
  • 27MHz
  • Measures approx. 9-3/4"H x 9-1/2"W
  • For ages 5 and up
  • Comes with manufacturer's 30-day limited warranty

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Land & Sea Truck (ODY1024)
Land & Sea Truck (ODY1024)Furious 4-wheel drive remote control action just got even better! Get your hands on our blazing-fast Odyssey Land and Sea Truck for hours of non-stop marine car fun. This extraordinary remote control car offers a refreshingly different idea - it runs on the ground, on grass, sand, ice and even on water. It's an all-terrain 4 x 4 and also a speedboat.

With the full function, waterproof wireless radio handset, control is at your fingertips. Use the device up to 70 feet from the vehicle. Send the truck into 360 degree spins as well as take advantage of the twin turbo props and precision grip wheels. Other details of our Remote Control Vehicle include:

  • Measures approx. 13" L x 9" H
  • Wireless remote control
  • UL adapter
  • Battery pack
  • Manual
  • For ages 8 and up
  • 9V battery included
Land & Sea Truck Video

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Challenger RC Stunt Car (ODY650)

-Radio Controlled Stunt Car

Double the fun with this Set of 2 Odyssey Challenger RC Stunt Cars. These powerful and agile stunt cars perform incredible acrobatic feats the will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. You receive 2 remote controlled cars that flip, turn and spin. They're fast and very easy to use, even at night.

Their wheel sets split apart, enabling daredevil stunt tricks and dazzling action like 360 degree turns, spinning like a top and more. Two remote control frequencies allow both cars can be used at the same time. Plus, their rechargeable battery packs deliver consistent car performance without the need for disposable power cells. Each Odyssey Challenger Stunt Car

  • Charging adaptor
  • 7.2V battery
  • Remote control with 3 AA batteries
  • Red, black and silver finish
  • Each car measures approx. 7"L x 9-1/4"W x 3-1/4" H
  • Comes with a manufacturer's 30 day limited warranty

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How to Make the Most of Your Flying Machine or RC Stunt Car

To make the most of your Flying Machine or RC Stunt Car, we recommend following the suggestions:

  1. Do not charge the product overnight; doing so will shorten the life of the battery.
  2. Always deplete the battery charge, prior to re-charging.
  3. Unplug the battery pack from the helicopter when not in use.
  4. Do not leave device unattended while charging.
  5. Do not leave the battery in the helicopter when not in use for a long period of time. When storing the battery for a long period of time, leave it at least at a half-charge.
  6. Do not expose battery or the ‘machine’ to extreme temperatures. The Lithium Polymer battery should not be subjected to temperatures below 32oF or above 95oF.

If you follow all of the instructions above, your Odyssey RC Product will last longer, providing you with hours of playing fun! If you have any questions, send your inquiry to care@odysseytoys.net.

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